I’m thinking of ending things

I was thinking which movie do I want to write about for a while. Options were a lot “The double life of Veronique”, “The Truman Show”, “Mr nobody”, “The Mirror” or something else.

Than I’ve decided to write down about a movie that had the most impact on me and on my film perspective. This movie made me fall in love with film industry. And don’t get me wrong before this I have of course watched tons of movies but specially this one made me understand how meaningful, mystic, interesting movie can get. It called “I’m thinking of ending things”.

I’ve watched this film months ago but I’m planning to watch it again because I think that there were details that now I will understand them more clearly and maybe notice things I haven’t noticed at the first time.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things is a 2020 American psychological thriller film written and directed by Charlie Kaufman. The plot follows a young woman who goes on a trip with her boyfriend to meet his parents.

What attracts me in this film is that nothing is what it seems it is. And by that I mean that in the film we see acting several characters but they all represent the main character, in other words we can say that they were the main character’s alter egos.

We see the main character as someone who gave up on his dreams, who has multiple childhood traumas and fears. But in another hand the girl has reached the goals that our main character had, is loved, and has no fears. I like to believe that the girl is the pure, untouched and unharmed by society version of main character.

One interesting thing also: in the film we follow the girl’s thoughts how she wants to end her relationship with the main character- but as long as we know that the girl and the guy are the same person we understand that wanting to end the relationship actually means thinking to kill himself.

There are several more interesting and heartbreaking details that I can’t break it to you unless you watch it.

For me this movie is telling us how big impact can childhood have on us. This is about human, his inner world, and his thoughts before suicide.

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