“Dead Poets Society” reflection paper

This movie broke and healed my heart in the best way possible.

I had this film in my watch list for a long time but couldn’t put myself together to watch it. I was thinking it would bore me (spoiler alert! I was wrong, it didn’t). So when Miss Arpy sent it I thought this is a great opportunity to finally see what’s this film is all about.

This film is a perfect definition of what exactly movies do. They overrate the reality: they make us believe that the world is beautiful, nothing is impossible and you can be everything you wish and you can do anything you want. And they motivate you so much that you believe that you’re free.. and than you face reality and break. Because ( hate to think like this) but the actual world is nothing like in the movies.

I loved Nail’s character because it was so real. He was so full of life, full of joy and dreams and sometimes other people make those precious and important things die inside of you. And most of the time it’s not a visible or physical death.

Overall I think this movie is a good one. It has a lot to tell and a lot to teach so I’m happy that I’ve got the chance to finally watch it.

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